Now we’re inside the hat trickWhat? You say I’m stuck up a magician’s sweaty sleeve, packed with flowers, a bunny, and silk?
I thought a hat trick was in sports.Performing the nifty magic of being a man — are those roses or a crown of thorns? A fancy red hanky or was I coughing up blood? Is that my lucky rabbit’s foot or road-kill?
Three wickets, three goals, three strikes.Maybe I’m a fire-eater, but you wanted a mind-reader.
What on earth is a wicket?If I hold out a rope to the audience, slit its bight, do I slip the noose?
And why are they sticky?Ouch, I cut to the high card, it’s a suicide king.
This is mixing metaphors.Magician’s rent their doves. I thought you needed to know that.
I am confused.Yes, that is the trick.
What is the narrative?Let’s do the escape thing at the bottom of a tank of water. Or Everclear.
How does this tell us about men?Dressed in my best flak jacket tuxedo. Either I undo the shackles or drown.

The Sunday Muse

12 thoughts on “Manscape

  1. thinking about one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. and the time I saw George Thorogood open for J Geils and the Stones at Candlestick Park, in the rain in 1981, and he blew them the F out of the stadium. that was a manscape for ya.

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  2. I don’t know how you manage to pull off these juggling acts–everything up in the air at once, but undeniably you do, and you make every image and metaphor seem natural and hit home. I especially like the title, and the section beginning “..are those roses or a crown of thorns? ..?” not to mention that finale. I am thinking you don’t need to rent any doves for this magic act.


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