East of the Garden State Parkway

The same way rain betrays 
a newspaper 
left on the bench – 

Water kissing the cheek
of headlines under a grey paste sky
drained of news – 

I finger my coffee mug like a rosary, 
rubbing the face of Christ
from the stains

In my best Judas voice
I ask to you please pass a napkin
and a pen

What will I erase between the lines,
between you and me,
What will I leave hanging

For Shay’s Word Garden

15 thoughts on “East of the Garden State Parkway

  1. What indeed? How much is every explanation, every examination even, part of a long betrayal? How hard for us to keep it true, keep it real, keep caring. A great hook of a first stanza and nothing following lets it down. Good stuff, qbit–as always.

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  2. See, this is what poetry should be. Saying one thing on the surface but much more underneath, and not spelling everything out but letting the reader decide. I love what you’ve done with the malleable ink, and coffee stains. I love this.

    Btw I received one of my Dave Kelly books yesterday. I am not sure why tney didn’t both come together, but at least I have one, and it is copyright 2022, so it is new as well. I’m excited.


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  3. When I saw the title it brought to mind, “East of Eden,” which plays well with the theme here. The subtlety of the Judas voice and the end line really drives this home. Outstanding writing.

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