Haibun – Trash Talk

No way my love you were asleep during that garbage truck catechism at three AM, counting the rosary of bins hitting the pavement, bags tossed long and high Hail Mary after Hail Mary, charming the rats with plague and kielbasa and wine and stale bread, Eucharist and crumbs of the True Cross, your delirium shouting hosannas in dialect of jesusfuckingchrist, your Passion erotic, skin electric and making a folly of sleep, OK, hey yeah, French kissing and hallucinating we are still those two kids in the apartment on 11th and College, hyenas braying all night from a frat party down the block, or is it now, in this moment, only a random dog out by the river barking the icicles off boats in the boatyard, nothing lazier than my lying here waiting for fruit to fall from sleep’s orchard, phantom apples and pears the playthings of dreams and seasons, I rise and shamble the waterfront.

Sleep loss vagabond –
Stalking trash cans until dawn
A wolf counting sheep

For Shay’s Word Garden and TSM

28 thoughts on “Haibun – Trash Talk

  1. …excuse me waiter, I will have what he is having…two deliriums, three hallucinations, and one French kiss please….LOL
    As always your words hit and sway perfectly Qbit! The last line of your haibun is sheer brilliance!

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  2. Oh no you didn’t. A haibun? Remind me to push you into traffic. However, setting that aside for now, I do like this. It is very cleverly done, and somehow manages to stay essentially cohesive despite the task you set yourself of using all the List words in sequence. I think our friend Philp would love this, were he not held hostage in some employment hellscape. Now, please stand at the curb, no, right up at the edge of it, yes, like that, now stay right there while I get a nice running start, haibun enthusiast….

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  3. Stalking trash cans until dawn
    A wolf counting sheep

    The homeless can hit big time sifting through the rubbish. They were known to get unopened envelopes of cool hard cash. A good living for those who can endure the muck! Great narration qbit!


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  4. Love the dream sequence nature of this, qbit, and the urban jungle you depict here so keenly. Love the title too! Great pun, so fitting.

    I laughed out loud at yours and Shay’s exchange over the fact that you did a haibun! I’m so glad I’m not crazy about haibuns! 😀 😀

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