Laundry Day

I pour Wheaties of ruin into a bowl–
Across the room,
iron, zinc, and B12 good for the blood.
Scarecrow’s feet at the edge of my eyes,
you say look at me.
a tattered squint hung on rough wood.
Skin as dry as cigarette paper
I ask can you forgive me?
rolling out of bed on Tobacco Road.
Sushi took me for a swim
You know about drowning.
to the bottom of the river.
Does the mirror taste like glass?
Your tongue lingers
Hard water.
Jolly Rancher stuck in my pocket,
so sweet.
lint and sugar, Fireball cinnamon.

For Shay’s Word Garden and TSM

13 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. The cultural references really work in this qbit, to contrast normalcy with the deeper waters of the inner world. I especially like the Jolly Rancher, and the taste of the mirror. Coincidentally, just heard Tobacco Road on Pandora yesterday–the old songs are mirrors of their own sometimes.

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  2. I’m reading this as if it’s about a mermaid excursion, into the depths with her, then returning … with souvenirs and memories as strong as cinnamon whiskey burning your tongue and throat.

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      1. Those little bottles that fit in the pocket, the things tucked away amidst the ordinary and routine, the unhealthy but pleasurable habits that make it easier to swallow the vitamins. Candy, liquor. On laundry day, I guess you’re found out. 🙂

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  3. I love how you used the word list, especially: “scarecrow’s feet at the edge of my eyes.” And all the sensory tongue-tastic elements, particularly “Fireball cinnamon”, which reminded me of a fiery gobstopper chewing gum from my childhood! Plus Wheaties of ruin is also a good name for a band 🙂

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