Mummy Weather

Your voice a dove cooing
in an Egyptian sarcophagus  –
a radio left playing for the dead.

Not buried with me 
and my six best suits, no,
not fly me to the underworld

and pad my stone nest
with your feathers and bones,
a gold clown painted on my tomb.

Grab ahold of what knots 
us together
and fly –

Spin me like a top
as you always do,
and I will dance, dance.

For Shay’s Word Garden and TSM

33 thoughts on “Mummy Weather

  1. This is so awesome. You are so awesome … and very skilled at using your craft and sense of humor to make us smile. Thank you.

    The first stanza and the title are my favorites. Oh, and “spin me like a top.” So precious.

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  2. I love the whole “Egyptian sarcophagus” theme you got going on and “and my six best suits, no” but love will pull you out of the underneath and spin you all around. Funny and lovely at the same time.

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  3. I like it Q. I do have a line that I relate to in a negative way, “pad my stone nest
    with your feathers and bones, as feathers give me the creeps. Stinky and soiled.

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  4. This is just beautiful, solemn, intelligent and so not sickly sweet with the honey of love…every line is crafted to yield a maximum response in the reader’s psych. I especially love the title, the opening, and that last gorgeous stanza. Sorry to be so late to the party, but very glad I finally made it.

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  5. in your newest writings, there’s a, for a lack of a better term, a “new freedom” to your writing, and i really like it. love the energy of this, love the way you let it drift (like, there’s a plan, but the plan is to let it drift, i like the dichotomy of that ) it spins me like a top, so well done

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