Bags of mulch and fertilizer, hosing down the lounge chairs, pool cleaning, grill cleaning, filling the gas can at the pump, adjusting the mower’s choke: All around our apartment building the ingredients and tools line up that will let us put Memorial Day weekend on the grill. 

Summer warms its stove –
Recipes for orange blossom
Feed the longer days

23 thoughts on “Haibun

  1. fascinating — a pre-recipe recipe. All the things needed to start the meal. The world should declare a Universal Memorial day, we when remember how we all sacrifice our loved ones against each other.

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  2. BTW, I need to say that you get huge props for the entire goat-brain curry part. I mean good lord. You bust out goat-brain curry and we all just sort of went um-hm like it was a baloney sandwich. So just wanted to let you know that you landed it.


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