Ars Vigia

First thing on waking –
note deterioration of eyesight.
Blurry vision – good!
Might be day for soft focus poem.
But forces contemplation of death.
Bummed out, but could be good too.

Mistakenly pick up dirty sock
instead of clean.
Sniff to confirm.
Lock in theme of disgust.

Race midget from ferry to bus.
Cardio for the day – done!

Work interfering horribly with poetry.
Sit in SBUX and scratch out ideas.
The muse found standing in line –
she’s beautiful, luminous,
but sexually frustrated. No, no. Delete.

Evening walk with dog by the river,
scanning the rocks for washed up body parts.
Light on the water, the city,
she’s beautiful, luminous.
Try to channel Wordsworth.
Wordsworth didn’t have to pick up dog poop
in little plastic bags.

Running out of time
to post April Poem-A-Day!
For inspiration,
watch insects fighting on YouTube.
Read Wikipedia about
Crimean War, again.
Mother Superior turns out the lights
in the living room
and goes to bed.
Sit in the dark,
time’s up.

Bitter my lament.



For DVerse MTB and April Poem a Day

New York Minute

Sprinters all, we’re ready, steady
at the yellow safety line
on the deck of the ferry,
waiting for our starting gun,
the bump against the pier –

Every day I race a midget (yes, a midget)
for the best seat on the bus.
No holds barred, that’s the deal,
as we bob and weave and elbow and bluff
our way up the ramp and three sets of doors –
my long legs indomitable in the stretch,
her tiny size a huge advantage
diving through gaps in the crowd.

This is Manhattan, and until you’ve
walked a New York Mile
in my Ferragamo’s
who are you to judge?



For DVerse Poetics and April Poem a Day


begs the question –
which came first
the chicken or
the cat?
Electric jump back
6.242×1018 coulomb
crazy bitch neurons
firing begging burning
from the frying pan
onto the plate
you yes you honey
gonna cat-scratch eat you
gonna love you right up.



For dVerse Quadrille

Chock Full O’ It

Wake up you
Yeah you! Talking to you!
This is your fire-breathing,
rip-tearing, snort-snorting
coffee speaking!
It’s Caffeine Thursday
and while there are no nuts
in Chock Full O’ Nuts,
if you laugh
it out your nose
you will miss
your bus.

An alternate, coffee-inspired submission for dVerse Quadrille


Today will you penance
the ordinary,

make pilgrimage of necessity
from your book of days –

Sulfur Monday – you are
but tinder for the world

Matchfire Tuesday – conflagration
shadows your every step

Ash Wednesday – and to dust
you shall return

For these are you lent



For dVerse Quadrille


I opened that big bag
of fortune cookies
you left on the counter,
snapped them all open,
and lit each fortune on fire
one at a time
on the gas stove.

Burnt offerings
of life’s possibilities.

Now you’re mad,
you just wanted
your cookies.


For dVerse Quadrille