43 thoughts on “Catechism

  1. Nice structure–for me the subjects could just as easily be the answers to the unasked questions–/how can we embrace the stars?/ or /when are stones most Irish?/

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  2. Three stones.- How much weight have I put on?
    Quince.- What’s my son’s middle name?
    The aura of perfection. -What is this aura around me?

    An illumination. – How would you describe my poetry?
    Parsnips, uncooked.- What should I eat to lose 3 stones?
    Telescopes.- What am i planning to steal tomorrow?

    A lovely exercise. LOL 🙂 🙂

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  3. LATE to the reading 😦 (I didn’t even participate in the Open Night as we were still in Cape Cod).
    I love how you’ve made simple statements…..no question marks….and it still leaves the reader in a quandry. The unspoken punctuation is a question mark. Where were there only three stones, not four or two or twenty? (and why, perhaps, were they left unturned?) Why choose quince? Smiling at the uncooked veggies 🙂 And then as someone else commented, are the questions without correct punctuation….or answers to unknown questions.
    BUT — then I look at the title Catechism — and I remember my early youth with my father (who was of no denomination / not religious at all), sitting patiently and quietly in his dark green plastic (who could afford leather in the early 50s??), holding my catechism book from my Catholic grade school, asking me the question and then reading the answer as I recited it back to him. Rote learning. Who really understood the meaning? Surely not my dad — except that this was a task he lovingly did for his young daughter — and surely not me as I had a quick memory and just rattled off the words without really understanding them. GREAT title for this! 🙂

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