Haibun – “Shimo no koe ~ First Frost”

Well, I’m not so sure that frosting the cake or anything else before you bake it is a good idea. Leave it to the Japanese: ‘Shimo no koe – First Frost!”, probably some kind of trick they know how to do – a Samurai baking thing. What if it is a Zen Koan: “What was your cake before it was baked?” asks the Zen Master. “First Frost!” replies the student. I don’t know, it is beyond my limited mind/body duality Western brain. If I tried to frost something first there would be nothing but goo.

Maple sugar drips
Baked long in Summer’s oven –
Cool Autumn Frosting



For dVerse Haibun Monday

21 thoughts on “Haibun – “Shimo no koe ~ First Frost”

        1. Unexpectedly so, lol! One of those “Hey, kids! Let’s tap the trees and make our own syrup” kinds of things that started out fun but ended in a horrible multi-day grind of boiling syrup on the back grill and blowing through tank after tank of gas.

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  1. I adore your levity & audacity. Maple trees here in the NW do not share their sap, but your off-side, unique take on the prompt tickled most of us.

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