The Sandman Cometh

Apparently I need rescue by
Captain America or
Wonder Woman,
But they are
Super busy.

Instead I get Clam Man.

This is no job for
Steroid-jacked mollusks!
Or snapping, nipping

Clam Man is dejected
When I call for a do-over with
The Sandman.


d’Verse Quadrille 38

43 thoughts on “The Sandman Cometh

          1. (Coherent is way over-rated.) Dreams are amazing things. The Psych part of my undergrad loves to dig around in such things because our dreams brains basically go literary on us with hyperbole & puns.

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    1. I had this exact same thought!

      I love this piece, Sir, but you’ve gotta work the actual word “dream” in there, somewhere. It’s as easy as calling it a “dream do-over” and finding a way to remove another word. 😉

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      1. Oh man, I argued with myself and Clam Man about it, and thought I could slide by on the whole hinting-at-it thing. Oh well. Yes, you are correct.


        1. I like to write TO the prompt rather than use it literally. So often a prompt is something like “longing” or “happiness” or “loneliness”. That’s too blatant for poetry. We write ABOUT those things, but we shouldn’t have to use the actual word. In fact, the trick is to make the reader feel those things without ever using the actual word. You went inside the dream and worked your way out. Very cool approach!

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  1. Ha ha ha. This is hilarious.

    I love that song … “Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen.”

    Tell me you’ve seen the movie Cry Baby. (So dang sexy.)

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  2. He-he – and a real dream too!
    I love my dreams, preferring their madness to TV! Hate it when I wake when experiencing a really wonderful dream, and try as a might, I can never return to it.
    Anna :o]

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  3. I can see it now: Clam Man and his side kick Sand Man saving the world from . . . . plastic water bottles on beaches.
    Reminds me of Mr. Canoe Head (long story; obscure reference)

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  4. there was me thinking you were on a roll or a high from something imbibed or despite the sandman had dispensed with sleep in order to bulk write poetry – these glitches are one way to get your poems seen by new eyes. And old eyes like mine to do some catching up

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    1. LOL! Thanks. Super irritating. Sorry to spam folks with old posts. Glitch in the Matrix and such. But yes, created a flurry of people reading my poems, even if for the most part I wouldn’t have picked a lot of these!


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