Lo and I am like an armadillo, jolted and rolling into a protective tuck,
safeguarding scrolls of Tibetan mantras, chanting Avalokiteśvara – compassion –
as we are shot from the barrels of our phones, armored rounds
of blood-warm arms, legs, intestines, and organs
into the oncoming warships, worships

My skin knows only that tomorrow it will be stretched tight, immense
across the diamond vision screens of Times Square –
thin and translucent, burning pixels of news and all the colors of M&M’s
looking down where the naked cowboy sings in his rodeo boots,
no leather left on the sole, dubious, dub-stepped and pious

Please, mercy, I can't hear my own heart beat
over Kerouac jungle drums in the ChatGPT jukebox,
can't see my breath exhaled and frozen against the collapsed horizon
some genius left in shambles,
malfeasance and malediction

For Shay’s Word Garden and TSM

17 thoughts on “Unfinished…

  1. Wonderful words… your poems are like tumbled rocks in a river. You feel the chaos of the flood and yet there is so much beauty – the alliteration, the careful build up of tension. To be honest, I don’t know what this poem is about but the words really are wonderful. Perhaps I like it in the way one likes music.

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  2. Your words flicker with visuals, its like standing in Times Square with all that stimulation coming from all angles. The screens, the pixels, the songs. I cant help but think of those half dressed cowboys wondering around for a price you can freeze a moment in time on your phone.

    There is some controversy going around about a M&M’s commercial for the super-bowl. To wear sneakers or heels. Whats a green M&M to do?

    Always interesting here:)

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