The breast diseased, careens toward metastasis. What once nourished life now feeds ruin. Removed, it clears the way for the bowstring to pull clear and full. Power now, strength now. What was weakness becomes the gift of the Amazons. Women warriors.

The Fall: lightning cracks –
Golden dust of fire ants –
The Spring: tea rose blooms.

23 thoughts on “Kintsugi

  1. oh…….my daughter-in-law is a 4 year survivor of triple-negative breast cancer. To all the brave warriors who have succombed to this insicious disease, my prayers. To all those in the medical, reserach, counseling fields, fighting this insidious disease, my prayers as well.

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  2. Surviving that sort of trauma does bring out the warrior in one. If a person beats cancer, she can beat anything. Love the hope at the end of your haiku – the blossoming tea rose. Very strong but feminine symbol.

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  3. My mom is actually undergoing this journey and its a challenge to keep it positive and hopeful for the future ~ Love that warrior character and the haiku of the tea rose blooming ~

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  4. A beautiful inspirational write.
    A friend has recently (last week) been diagnosed with Stage IV, but hope remains in her heart – I will show her your wonderful words.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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