Tempest Made

My love, your fierce will
Is tempered steel –

Storm forged
From prevailing winds,
The strength of maelstroms
That beat the sky
Back upon the sea,
Anvil’d sparks and strikes
Of lightning –

Watermarked layers
What look soft as damask
But gives you
The sharpest edge

15 thoughts on “Tempest Made

  1. BTW — not sure you know, but the wordpress template you are using does not show the picture attached to your poem when you get here via the Mr. Linky app. Too bad, because the photo choices are cool. I had to look up Damask — interesting mix, your lady, of soft and sharp — all due to the mix of experience and spirit. Cool


    1. Thanks. I will look into how to fix that! Glad you were prompted to look up the word. I didn’t know the connection between “damask” and “Damascus” either, and I got to spend a lot of time reading about ancient steel production. Half the fun, right?


      1. AH, we share something: in looking up one thing, it takes us to another and another. We dig deeper and wider and play around until we realize, “Shit, where did the morning go!” 😉 Yes, good fun. Thanks.

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