Haibun – Summer Sports

The apartment pool is finally open after so many weeks of cold, wet days here in New York. One group stakes out a table early, and outside our window we hear marathon drinking and hilarity from the morning through to the evening. We are good sports about it, but barely. Dozens of toddlers and children sport about on their floats and pool toys, with plenty of splash wars and Marco-Polo competitions. The twenty-somethings oil themselves up and jockey for position on the lounge chairs, sporting the latest in skimpy swimwear.

Summer has its sport –
Thin clothes don’t cool fireworks
Set off by eel and fawn

23 thoughts on “Haibun – Summer Sports

  1. Ah yes…..the city pool! We have an outdoor pool with the gym we belong to — literally a three minute walk from our city high-rise. Our membership only allows for the weekdays…which this time of year when the schools are still in session, is quite lovely — minus the cannonball teens, the splashing marco polo kids etc. Weekends, we enjoy walking and our small deck instead. 🙂

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  2. You make me ever thankful that our house is a half-mile from the community pool. The pond out back has feathered bathers and waders… who don’t call out Marco! Polo! (Although we have a hawk who is a loud mouth!) The tree frogs party all night!

    I truly enjoyed your Haibun and especially the Haiku! The image may hold a clue to curing the 8 hour partiers. Would you like me to ship one up for you?


  3. I can’t even imagine this. It’s worlds away from me, and it sounds awful. I might be missing the point, but I think that’s what you intended. All that promiscuous jollity would drive me crazy!


  4. Hahaha! Thanks. It is usually fine, but this one table of people partying all day drove us bonkers. Our apartment is right above the pool, and we wondered how bad it might get when we moved in this winter. Well, now we know.


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