Renga – Jumpstart (Qbit/Jilly/Charley/Madaket)

“28 Days of Unreason, Day 29…”
– Jilly & Co.

Frog and hare on edge,
Foxtail sways, old pond’s shadows –
Jump or not to jump?

Tortoise shows to nose the hare
Frog legs leap, avoids the soup

Frog bumps hare in Spring
Hare bounds into the tall grass
Startles bedded dear

Impertinent deer, “Oh dear!”
Fall wisdom nixed Spring fancy

Zen Master lovers
Fold paper cranes with Basho –
Order and Chaos

Learn, then break the rules, says he
Radicalizing the form

Winter eyes the cranes
They Spring into Summer flight
Faux birds take the Fall

Into old pond’s dusk waters,
Hibernation stills the beat

Fox spits paper bones,
Frogs croaking frozen dinner –
Lovers Leap gone cold

Sandhill cranes take up the call
Mates for life, return to pond

Deer at edge of pond
Drinks dusk water as sun sets
Tall grass splits, hare springs

Sunlight catches water’s edge,
Laughter leaps in Basho’s eyes.


Authors & Madpersons:  Jilly/Charlie/Madaket/Qbit

Casting Bricks Sept Challenge



114 thoughts on “Renga – Jumpstart (Qbit/Jilly/Charley/Madaket)

  1. It took me a bit to find the word that you used and that damned thread (Forest Stills) but here are the next lines after your ‘Order and chaos’:

    Learn, then break the rules, says he
    Radicalizing the form

    (Also, you might enjoy reading the comments in that old thread – you will ‘see’ a bit more in it this time around.) 😉

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      1. I thought it was appropriate for several reasons. The birds are rare except in small pockets, like poets. (They are common here in Orlando). They are the antithesis of paper cranes and I liked the idea of them coming into the Renga after Charley extinguished the paper ones. And, of course, for more obvious reasons. 😉

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  2. Best lines for this reader: “Jump or not to jump?” (I’d like to go back and focus on that.) “Nixed Spring fancy” – evocative and clever. “Radicalize the form’ because it’s been a source of conversation, both real and virtual. “Winter eyes” gets my nod for best pun. “Fox spits paper bones” just for the imagery of it! “Leap” in the last line, bringing us full circle.
    We ROCK!

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