Renga – Jumpstart (Qbit/nosaint/Colorful/Frank)


“28 Days of Unreason, Day 29…”
– Jilly & Co.

Frog and hare on edge,
Foxtail sways, old pond’s shadows –
Jump or not to jump?

Fox’s report splits branches
Allies leap in heartquake vaults

Lily pad launches
Lively ladybug among
Aphids airing out their woes

Fox slows down and all is well
Walking through the patient trees

Bated breath of storm –
Leaves anticipate deluge,
Hold sway in the boughs

Quiet rush ’til sky gives way
Painted gray shadow wings rise

Heron thunder bird
Races cumulonimbus
Clapping lake approves

Water waving through the sky
We are now a bigger pond

Frogs croak, old pond gone,
Nature breaks the covenant –
Sea and sky are one

One million hop-lake tadpoles
Mother clouds shoosh that racket

Fish fragment the noise
Gluttonous gills gather light
arc pearlescent sky

Pond grows calmer colors rise
Rainbow over bright rainbow



Authors & Madpersons: Qbit/nosaintaugustine/Colorfulpen/Frank Hubeny

Casting Bricks Sept Challenge

85 thoughts on “Renga – Jumpstart (Qbit/nosaint/Colorful/Frank)

    1. OK Frank — you’re couplet is next to end the middle section. If possible, try and respond to one of nosaint’s comments so we can hopefully all be on one thread.


    1. Cool. I’ve moved it to the top. Any way you can find one of nosaints comments and reply with your couplet to that? That way he’ll know to move on to the Haiku. I’m trying to get the four of us all on one comment thread so we all get updates from each other, LOL!

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