Renga – Rasta Bones (qbit/Jilly)

Rasta bones
Litter the rocks

Jerk scented air
Reggaes the walk

A hungry dog
Is an angry dog

The hum of meat
Vibrates the streets

We wail and gnaw
The Marleybone

S’the Mawgah dawg
We wail and moan

Knives grooving
The alleyways

Steel whets
The appetite

Hurricane Ganja
Tears Babylon’s walls

Gate of Rasta soul
Cries out One Love



Authors and Madpersons: qbit and Jilly
(plus Unindicted Co-Conspirators)

Renga Challenge – Raccoon Bones

Jilly’s September Casting Bricks Challenge.

103 thoughts on “Renga – Rasta Bones (qbit/Jilly)

                    1. Ok, as a lit teacher I go with the symbolic or with allusions. I’ll leave it to you.
                      (The misunderstood fire lizard, keeper of dreams and the secret world…)


    1. I can’t think of anything I want to edit. Do we want to add any ligature — punctuation or continuation words? Or just let each couple punch its own weight? (I’m leaning the latter, but thought I’d ask).

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                1. Think maybe “Vibrates the streets”, drop the in. Flows better, stronger. Not that we have a shortage. Also what if the last lines are plural? Gates instead of Gate? It wasn’t just Marley, right? I’m OK as is, just curious.


                  1. Ok, the mawgah dawg reference is about Tosh. Marley died of skin cancer years before that. Tosh & company were ‘excecuted’ by a dude they were helping out, as the story goes. That happened on 9/11 in, I think, the late 80’s. To plural Gate would mean more than one heaven. To plural Soul would be more accurate. Of course, this is art, so go with what flows best.

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