Tarot – The Hanged Man

It was tragedy
Of no use to anyone
At all

My father would go
To the jail and speak
alone with murderers

His was divination
Of the cards –
Insane or not insane

Those who saw faces
Terrible eyes
Blood omens

And those
Did not

The fate of each
And every one
The same – to hang

Which ones
of them
By rope



For Miz Quickly’s Visual

27 thoughts on “Tarot – The Hanged Man

  1. The key in this is the ‘my father’ line – it makes the whole experience of the poem tangible, bringing the reader into the word with a jolt, much like the noose.
    (The Rorschach is a facinating little picture.)

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          1. The story line is perfect! This actually fits with what I’ve been teaching my Honors kiddos. We’ve read Those Winter Sundays (Hayden), Blood(Shihab Nye), & The Gift (Li-Young Lee) – poems that tell a story involving parent-child relationship, so I am really struck by what you wrote here. The pacing is fabulous!

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    1. Thanks for hanging in there!! I’m really unhappy with WP and the sound file. It seems to work for some people and not others. I see that most folks use SoundCloud for this, I had no idea it would be such a struggle!

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          1. Honestly, I don’t know. It probably has to do with my own circumstances: complicated parental relationships, my fascination with occult symbols, my brooding sense that we’re all guilty of something. Of course, that’s just why it resonates with me.

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