31 thoughts on “Road of Ashes (Charley/qbit)

  1. Dang! You sound downright distinguished; highfalutin, even! And, of course, the poem is… well, what can I say? Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I crashed and am not clear-headed yet. But thank you for this!

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  2. Poets indeed! You certainly nail it here with a great collaboration and perhaps in a way you wouldn’t have done without this approach. Unfortunately, like Bjorn, the sound file didn’t play for me either…

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      1. Initially I had trouble playing the recording, but then I reloaded the page and it worked. One of the things I like about SoundCloud is that it puts my recordings on a platform with other recordings and I can organize them easily. I think that also makes it easier for people who are looking for audio but who aren’t using WordPress.

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