Bernoulli Effect

“Such fragile wings”
– Jim Harrison (Day Twenty-Three – 28 Days of Unreason)


It is this air
That is fragile –

Carries your hints
But cannot hold them,

Gives way to gesture,
Breaks into wisps,

Easily swept aside.

But when you caught
Your breath,

Amassed its density,
Felt portent spreading

Like wings,
You took flight –

Your anger aloft
On nothing but words







15 thoughts on “Bernoulli Effect

  1. Ah, going back to Harrison; always a great idea. Firstly, I will refrain from sayiing that this poem is dynamic and fluid from beginning to end (dang; said it any way!). Ok, seriously, I’ve read this about 8 times and keep seeing more – seeing scenarios and people that are familiar. ‘Felt portent spreading’ draws me back with the way it leads into the next line. Every word is perfectly selected and placed and it ends with a smack!

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      1. Bouyancy; as essential as flexibility. Especially if you’re in a body of water.

        Eventually a sonnet that begins, “In the northern hemisphere, with your back to the wind….” I’m not certain it’s iambic, but there you go.

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