I blew up last night
while you were asleep.
Between your soft breaths
my fuse was lit –
twelve seconds – not much
time to run away
from myself to safety.

An unstable charge
That has no out but in,
Its umbilical reactor
Collapsing in hot fusion
Of your skin and mine,
Where you dreamt
The center of the sun.


From Charley’s “Casting Bricks” challenge “Destruct”
Charley in bold, mine follows.

17 thoughts on “Fusion

  1. Um… yowse! Not at all where I thought it would send someone. But then, I was on the verge of sleep when I wrote my half. (Copied from my blog… because I want to have full denial of intent on this one! LOL!) Very creative poem, ‘though!

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      1. I almost continued this poem instead of making it a challenge. Not sure it would’ve gone in the same direction… but that’s cool! If we all thought the same there would only be need of one of us on this planet — one person, that is.

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