Leap Sleep


Ferry breaking ice.  Nantucket MA, 2018
Ferry breaking ice, Nantucket Harbor, New Year’s Day, 2018


That unbeknownst to all,
slumber requires
a leap dream –
like a leap year –
an extra turn or toss
of night
to true up
the gaps in our days,
alms, for shadows
gone begging.

And explains, so, finally,
never feeling quite
caught up
to ourselves.



For dVerse Quadrille #47

35 thoughts on “Leap Sleep

  1. “to true up / the gaps in our days, / alms, for shadows / gone begging” I won’t damage your humility by telling you how wonderful these lines are. The muse was with you, young one! Give in to the muse.

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    1. Thanks. You got me going with your Quadrille. Then my mind started in with “leap, lap, lurp? Nah. Leap jump jimp? Crap, no. Ah s*t. Now I’m screwed. No idea. “


    2. Thanks. Glad you like the photo too. I can’t begin to describe the boondoggle behind that in which ice began to fill the harbor, all the boats were cancelled, and the ferry terminal turned into a First World refugee camp. If the latte had run out it would have been feral. Hours of jumping up and down in zero degree weather to keep warm resulted in being in exactly the right place at the right time as the moon and the ferry both appeared on the horizon. Somehow all that turned into this poem. I have now explanation. I blamed it all on Charley in his comment.


      1. “If the latte had run out it would have been feral.” The Nantucket Uprising of 2018. Images of L. L. Bean- and Land’s End-clad city dwellers driven mad by the seemingly perverse lack of Starbuck’s sustenance! The mind reels at the thought.

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