Slough Talk

“Spring day, too loud for talk
when bones tire of their flesh
and want something better.”  – Jim Harrison


Lotta slough talk
in the forest don’t you know,
that hard charging game
of strip poker
they play in the spring,
with bear and buck naked
all bets are off

Gotta shed all pretense
with you is what I mean,
skin that throws down
like bark torn off the trees
if that’s what it takes
to grow new with you again



Time again now to grow some new skin:
Day 1 of Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason

19 thoughts on “Slough Talk

  1. “Don’t you know” How very rural that sounds – Midwestern, even. Nice touch to the voice of this. The bear and buck makes for terrific word play but mostly I love the images of strip poker in the woods. Takes me back to my childhood, which was mostly spent tromping around in the woods. But you really nail it with that final stanza. Brilliant!

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      1. Ah yes… so the question is what makes some work better than others? This one feels like a 2nd person narrative to a specific individual; a well-defined ‘you.’ You have me thinking…

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          1. Ha! Well, if the poetic voice is that of one JRB, then she has a valid point. If the poetic voice is not personally equated with the one taking the dictation, then the ‘you’ might very well be a one-legged Greek God who is mucking about the Hudson in search of answers.


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