“It is the burden of life to be many ages
without seeing the end of time.”
– Jim Harrison


Thinking God
was a watchmaker
I opened up my Timex
looking for the End Times

Or maybe a cobbler
so cut apart my shoe
searching for my soul
and the road less traveled

Rummaging now
in this poem 
find if still meaning
in words


Day 5, 28 Days of Unreason
Quadrille #58

23 thoughts on “Make-or-Break

    1. Thanks! If I figure that out, you will have to buy the book though, plus the online videos and maybe other products like t-shirts and mugs. I’m thinking calendars, quote of the day, all sorts of Meaning of Life swag.


  1. Keep rummaging – it makes for good poetry. Kudos for the allusion to Frost. I’ve spent some time (cough) considering your title and I just keep seeing an old Timex commercial with an elephant. Get a kick out of the word play in your line about God being a cobbler and the sole of your shoe. This is good stuff!

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