Haibun – Gull-ability

“I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow
by I don’t know what.”
– Jim Harrison


I, for one, woke up this morning amazed I was not a seagull. Not some Kafkaesque nightmare, because how cool would it be to be a seagull? Tooling around in the sky over the beach, dive bombing fish, surrounding picnickers for a reprise of “The Birds.” Plus that satisfying smack! when a clam hits the rocks from 200 feet. People pay good money for raw cherrystones.

Sure, there was other stuff I was amazed at too. Like how no matter how hard I tried, when I lay face down in the grass inhaling through my nose, I just couldn’t tell the difference between one tuft of sod and another two feet apart. My dog scoffed at my ineptitude, since it is soooo obvious. One sward is clearly correct for business, the other is not.

But back to being a seagull. The flinty Yankee in me (I lived in Boston for 30+ years, so made rank) thinks I should stick the winters out around the Cape and Islands, but so damn cold. Better maybe to head south. A good life picking Mexican out of dumpsters in Cabo.


No picnic, this bird
I too, scavenger of scraps –
Cheetos for fool’s gold


Day 9, 28 Days of Unreason


23 thoughts on “Haibun – Gull-ability

  1. The whole seagull/ Kafka thing is great until you get to the sod and it is even better! This is astonishingly terrific and the Haiku just tops it all off. One small problem that I see… gulls don’t migrate. That could be an issue.

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          1. No, my mistake. There are a couple of species who still migrate. Most stick around because we make it too easy. Either way, it wasn’t meant as a critique, more a stab at humor as I thought of your gull donning a hat and jacket and stepping up to the ticket counter at the airport. 🙂

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  2. The idea couched in this poem drove me bugsy. Seagull? Not for me. But a wonderfully, wickedly surreal haibun ala Franz! I’m almost certain no one else will approach this same prompt from the air in the same hovering, squawking way.

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