“Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness.”
– Jim Harrison


I’ve got this
ball-peen hammer,
damnedest thing –

Let’s me pound out
tin sheets of stars and love,
bend life into different shapes

Dimple and soften
that were hard as steel

Beat time and space
to the round music
of the spheres

But does each
tiny blow
leave a bruise

Like that ping when a grape
gives way
to wine

Or is it just me again,
all thumbs
and curses



Day 10, 28 Days of Unreason

18 thoughts on “Ping

  1. Ooo – nice! Images of a kid with toys unaware of doing damage or of grand creation. The final two stanzas are excellent; the metaphor of the grape/wine and then that universal feeling of just making messes. This is outstanding! (and a nob to the ball-peen hammer resurfacing!)

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  2. I did and it left me wondering how you knew the comment was me – cue Rod Serling.
    Glad the grape reference kicked something for you. There is so much consistency in your poetic voice – do you feel that happening?

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    1. Lessee — because any random person on the internet would say “the ball-peen hammer resurfacing”. LOL!

      Funny you should say what you did. I gave the poem to Connie before I posted it, and she said “This is so completely you. And all your recent writing has felt like that. You are sounding like you more and more of the time”

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  3. Ok, I like this, there’s a wryness to it that I find very appealing. I have no idea what a ball peen hammer is. I’m guessing it’s a very specific kind of hammer? I like the imagery very much, and that ending is great. I read it as being about those unintended consequences, and the impact that manipulating the world has on us as people.

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  4. empathy in tin with a bruising ending – I think you have one of those “ball-peen hammer,
    damnedest thing” things to write so uniquely with

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