As the Adage Turns


Measure twice, cut once.

Treasure twine, split for nonce.

We’re but measured mice, cut slack.

Life’s a maze, amazed, we’re lost, we lack.

What blaze lights your path, the muse of riches?

For love nor money, wager stitches.

Worn red or black, a gamble’s set.

The eyes throw down a heavy bet.

Witless guise, weight of pride, all mulish.

Penny-wise, pound foolish.


For dVerse Twisted Adage

30 thoughts on “As the Adage Turns

        1. It was (un?)surprisingly difficult to start with one adage and then step by step turn it into another. OK, fine, I said a lot of weird stuff in-between to help me get there. But even with Poetic License it was hard.

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  1. I love it when great poetic minds labor in the same poetic trench–our poems parallel each other, and we only ended up with one identical line (your first). You hooked me with /witless guise/.

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