Randall On

First we randalled the cattle into the barn,
sort of like wrangling, but longer, leaner,
maybe more handsome too, milking it all
with my stainless steel machine,
uddering, wringing.
Later a calf coming but too large,
so reaching in and chaining its fetlocks,
slippery steel in hand heaving, braced
against the post birthing a bull
they name Randall. The bellowing
of steel, milk and pull.

For dVerse Poetics

19 thoughts on “Randall On

  1. So liked the repetition of ‘steel’ – once for the milking – the uddering and wringing (ringing) and once for the birthing & the bellowing. Shows us the reality (brutality may be too strong a word) of the diary/ranch. Also like how the lightness of the beginning (we randalled all them cattle) drops away – but still smiled at the calf’s name. Great stuff.

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