Quadrillion – Nectarine

Jammed my head
into the mud, let

my mind root around,
thoughts coming up

roses or thistles or

dirty minded sure,
but what price

glory and riot
of color, scent,

her wandering
in my garden, pluck,

bringing to her lips,
sips, like nectar.

For dVerse Quadrille

34 thoughts on “Quadrillion – Nectarine

  1. I love the lines:
    my mind root around,
    thoughts coming up’
    and I couldn’t suppress a smile at the dirty minded rutabagas. That word reminded me of a story I read when I was a child and didn’t have a clue what it meant! Over here they’re called swedes and we eat them boiled and mashed with butter and pepper.

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  2. better late than never because am back in the blogosphere and rooting around in your Quadrillion – reads like a dream – full of suggestion and allusion like most dreams too. Had to look up rutabagas but already knew about nectarines and how succulent they are – especially the white fleshed ones.

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