12 thoughts on “Poem Up at Poetry Breakfast

  1. Well, you’ve been a busy publishin’ dervish! SO happy to see you getting the recognition your amazing work deserves. I love this one, especially the turning on the ear that last line brings.

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    1. LOL! Thanks! Amazingly, after well over 100+ rejections, I got two in a row in two days. Probably used up my life quota. I appreciate all your support of me and so many others, it makes a huge difference.

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  2. How many of these ding dong everydays is it gonna take to evolve into something enough Next? The cry of the Olduvai, for sure. Congrats on the placements and an I Am Not Worthy sigh of appreciation for your trying that much. You wouldn’t be doing it if the poems weren’t worth it. And thanks for the generosity.

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