Quadrille – Dragony


That firestorm
of nerves teething
when you need to shed
your alligator brain –

Because snakeskin
swallowed you whole.
Because, impossible to imagine,
you are both pig and python here.

That scaly lump in your throat
is you –
a stretch to get over

For dVerse Quadrille and friends.

16 thoughts on “Quadrille – Dragony

  1. DUDE. This is STUNNING. I certainly hope you are sending stuff out there into the publishing world, these days. Whew. Seriously.

    “you are both pig and python here”


    1. Thanks so much. Kudos to your prompt, which of course I gnashed my teeth about and fought with like St. George and then it sat like a lump of pig refusing to move through a python, LOL! BTW, when it comes to sending stuff out — what about *you*? Hmmm??


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