TSM 100

on the last day because we were poets
we came home late and lit a match
to our cash in a cereal bowl
like burnt offerings for the Wheaties god of 3AM
chanting “star light, star bright,
it’s Benjamins I burn tonight”
and reading Usura from Pound’s Cantos
because you can’t eat a Kuggerand –
I know, I tried
to put the gold they extracted in the camps
back into my teeth
what’s the point of the end of the world
if two herons take flight from the far side
of the pond outside from my window
mocking me with slanderous elegance

For The Sunday Muse

25 thoughts on “TSM 100

  1. First I need to put a bug in your ear that your link at Muse seems to link back to Muse and not to here. You might want a do-over on that?

    Now the poem. I love that you inserted Usura into this. Ginsberg is at the back door insisting that Moloch be included as well. Here we have a world dying not with a bang but with a bonfire in a cereal bowl, and the awkward and humbling knowledge that, even with all our power to create and destroy and buy and seell, the herons still have it all over us, right up to and including the end. Fine stuff, qbit. Every week I look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with.


    1. Ah &\!#$8@!!. Fixed that! And thanks. Moloch, oh my yes, that would have been good. Damn herons — can’t have a proper Apocalypse without them getting all stroppy and trying to upstage the whole thing. Happens every time. Don’t get me started about the swans and ducks, they are just as bad.

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  2. Are you gonna do 30 poems in April, qbit? I am, in fact I already started. I’m gonna do 39 in 39 days, if I can. I’m goosing you cos I want to read more of your stuff!

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    1. Indeed, that is the plan. Can’t wait to read yours too! Good idea to get started now. You have any prompt sites you favor, or pull from all over?


      1. For now I am daring to post unprompted. Most of the sites I knew and loved have gone away or changed so much they aren’t the same to me. If you want, come on by and riff off my pix or themes. And of course, there is Sunday Muse. We are considering adding an extra prompt for April.

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        1. “I am daring to post unprompted.” Woah… I’ve got the DT’s just thinking about that. But maybe the DT’s are helpful! Binge watch the Dylan Thomas channel. Sure, I’ll come by.

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          1. Hey, thanks for your support during my self-imposed daily grind! I wanted to let you know that the gal who made the list I was working from came in the comments and specifically invited you to join in. She left a link. I don’t link her lists myself cos she likes to fly under the radar sometimes. Anyway, try her list if you want! πŸ˜‰

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              1. Gah, she does that. I told her not to but apparently she did. Btw you may cease drumming, grasshopper. What you sought has appeared. πŸ˜›


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