TSM 101

nothing left for this morning
but a “Yo!”-ga sun greeting,

followed by a sideways dog leg-lift,
Pooch Pose by the side of the road

today we’re juiced for a blue-cleanse
to wipe the walls off our eyes

life is a bleach when it’s time to detox
with Clorox sacrament, this is my blood

this is my body, stations of the cross-wired
graffitto: messages of hope

sprayed across the way of sorrows,
my neighbor a Judas coming too near

if I can’t get a haircut soon
I’m gonna look like Jesus

and you’re gonna look like Jesus
and she will fix upon me crucifix eyes

when this has all blown over
like Hiroshima and Nagasaki

For The Sunday Muse

24 thoughts on “TSM 101

  1. I love this:

    “if I can’t get a haircut soon
    I’m gonna look like Jesus

    and you’re gonna look like Jesus
    and she will fix upon me crucifix eyes”

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      1. still going crazy over “crucifix eyes” — Those are some of the best poetic images, ones that describe unexpected kinds of eyes. In fact, you can basically wrap a whole poem’s identity around an eye phrase. Catacomb eyes. Bulgarian eyes. Empty-bathtub eyes. You can do absolutely anything with that word.

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  2. Cool write! So was that line really meant to start a renga? Hahaha! Too late.

    You’ve mixed in some heavy theological overtones into this. Some day we are going to have to talk… maybe in a confessional.

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  3. dear heart, your link loops back again, like last week. 😦

    Stop scaring your neighbor into a holy panic, qbit. You’re the Clorox Kid with spray bottles in your gun belt.

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  4. I LOVE the Sideways Dog Pooch Pose! Cracked me up. Ominous closing lines, but appropriate. I raise my Clorox spray bottle to you: Salud!


  5. Wow! Every image is quotable. It’s hard to choose just one, but I’ll take the YOga right at the starting line. I love the bleach lead-in to the stations of the cross, and the neighbor as Judas. The virus may not be as equalizing as the bombs on Japan, but the imagery works marvels. With all the fun in this poem, the ending brings home the horror.

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