TSM 103

Before I bite your head off,
let me boil your bones with moon –
milk marrow and soft ribs of light
to feed my tenderness.

Did you say the Sea of Tranquility
simmered your stock in trade?
Here – to your lips – a soupçon of truth
blown to cool across that cauldron of dust.

My teeth would carry you lightly,
the way gentle jaws of the Dog Star
carry a rabbit past constellations of dreams,
whimpering home in the night sky.

What’s this, you say? Why cannibals,
when love alone should suffice?
Eat or be eaten this Quarante-tine stew,
forty days and forty nights gnawing the wilderness.

For The Sunday Muse

30 thoughts on “TSM 103

  1. It certainly feels like a wilderness. I wouldn’t be surprised to find kettles and shrunken heads strewn in the front lawn. But as the choco bunny with the irritable spouse said, “Don’t bite my head off!” Oopsy, too late.


  2. memorable line that ‘gnawing the wilderness’ – conjures hunger and the incipient madness of the solitary. Dare one say these too are stellar lines?!
    “the way gentle jaws of the Dog Star
    carry a rabbit past constellations of dreams,
    whimpering home in the night sky.”

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  3. Hey qbit. Now you’ve got me wondering about those not very Swedish names, you pedant. At first I thought they were all somewhere in Canada, but no, it’s Sweden. There IS a Lars, as I mentioned in my reply to you on site, but yeah…Kevin? I just found out that the original title of “Beartown” is “Bjornstad” which probably wouldn’t have made me ever notice it. So maybe, in translation, they changed the boys’ names? I have posed the question at Goodreads, and if I get an answer I will pass it on.

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    1. Lol! Thanks for not yelling at at me fir missing the point of your most excellent review. I ordered the book. And sure, the translator and the marketing team have some leeway, but Kevin?? Benji?? Would Hans and Ole really been a haircut off US sales?


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