TSM 120

moonrise ablates the early stars
bleaching pinblue beauty into
a sky of goddamn mashed potatoes 
you said let's shoot the moon
and for once I agree its gotta go
that jackal scavenging sunlight
that feral cream cheese so dangerously
fattening but still
my aim steady I'm shooting the sh*t
and it drops like Hogzilla
like a quarter in a coke machine like
the last white dodo attempting flight
and now it's gone, its rasterized
tyranny stripped from poems
a thousand books fall like Byzantium
and the sack of Constantinople
incinerates the number line
of the Dewey Decimal System
from 521 to 527 wiping out Celestial Navigation
burn baby burn what did you expect be
careful what you say to poets
we might take you
at your

The Sunday Muse

28 thoughts on “TSM 120

  1. OMG this is dynamite. Your images are stunning.
    Luv the dewey decimal image being a retired library assistant 😊
    Happy Sunday and thank you for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


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  2. This is a hammerblow of a poem, full of controlled emotion that stops just short of rage because it is too cynical for that, yet like much that is cynical it is brutally honest, with itself and with us. Nothing is what it seems, or was–even the moon is a malefic gorged pseudo-cherub, hanging above us mocking. I especially like scene-setting opening, the devastation to a million books and images(including at least 60% of my own poetry ;_) ) and the harsh bite of the ending. Just an excellent, intelligent and scathing poem–and bonus points for making me look up “raster.” Not often I add a word to my vocabulary these days. Thank you.

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  3. This is quintessential-Randall-Brett. The double-ringed binary eclipse of expressive, hyperesthesic maximalism coupled with this pollarded emotional accumulation that never over-spills. All of your stylistic elements seem distant enough from one-another to the point that some ancient madness seems to gift them the residue of geometry.
    You can’t fool me, however. Your madness is lucidly braver than most.

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    1. Your comment is even better than the poem: “Pollarded emotional accumulation” and “residue of geometry”! Thanks so much. I wish I felt as lucid and brave as you make me sound, LOL!

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      1. But I’m convinced that I’m not wrong. I’m guilty of dumping these complex descriptions of works I enjoy, but that’s how I feel them, I don’t know. Perhaps I should be a literary critic; it’s the very profession of making things sound needlessly complex, but I think when you are passionate for something, you feel textures of it that others can’t conceive of.

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  4. you write imagery with all the boldness of a Hemingway crossed with Dylan Thomas – succinct, descriptive, imaginative and wry humour

    “you said let’s shoot the moon
    and for once I agree its gotta go”

    I always love reading your poetry

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  5. Love your moon view. So often we poets go all soft when we reference the celestial orb, but you slapped us right in our sappiness with this bit of moon poem. Bravo!

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