TSM 121

the sky a chain-smoking
haze of coughing grey
there are no parallels
there are only parallels
to the rutting earth
where the whales, dutifully
dragged themselves again
out of the sea
not to return to the land
but to plow it under

The Sunday Muse

23 thoughts on “TSM 121

  1. I read this like a puzzle, then again with a surreal edge, then again just trying to get my brain to give up the “this has got to have an answer” shtick. 🙂 Really enjoy the slip of the words against each other, regardless.

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  2. Where do I begin? First of all the chain smoking sky caught me, and to end it with whales plowing the land under in their return to sea says so much visually and metaphorically. Bravo!

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  3. I find this one mysterious, full of broken signposts that point to places you can only know by going there, but where you may not actually want to go…when nature itself acts against nature, it’s a sign that can’t be ignored. You perfectly express that sense of wrongness in the world that surrounds us, of contradiction, of danger and of the inexplicable. Great opening and closing images as well. My pleasure to read.

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  4. Harsh words for an eternal optimist to read! Surely there are some ways we can wrest change from the jaws of defeat. I need to think so. I admire your word artistry, but I’m going now in search of a sip of hope…….

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