TSM 133

the sound this morning's
broken light
the blues
made me happysad
because muddy waters
do not baptize 
us holy wholly 
with salvation only
part the red sea
into blue and you
and I sing "Halleluiah" but 
we're lost as heaven knows
Leonard's lonely heart 'cause 
"love is not a victory march"
I don't know how
all our voices
can open the soul
when only the gospel
in bluenotes are sent
on a red letter day 

The Sunday Muse

18 thoughts on “TSM 133

  1. Love the blues references, muddy waters and all. This seems to be written to its own music, happysad and discordant hallelujah chorus and all–I think you describe emotions that are so much more complex to feel than our usual ones that they overwhelm us, and define the boundaries of what the heart can tell the mind so deftly here.Always a joy and an education to read you, qbit.

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  2. The red and blue references in your poem speak for the divisivness in our country today. Let us hope that red and blue can become red, white and blue again now that the cheerleader of divisiveness has been defeated.

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  3. I too love the blues references. I am on an emotional roller coaster these days. I feel I am walking a tightwire where the slightest change in balance will have me spiraling to rock bottom. Thanks for speaking what I’ve been unable to articulate.

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