TSM 134

 what is a turbinado
 and how did it get in my coffee?
 this question stirs and 
 then dissolves
 my mind needs a mulligan
 just one day that doesn't
 crash test my brain
 and blow out air bags
 or leave me punch drunk
 from the rope-a-dope news 
 a la Ali with me praying
 for the bell
 can we go back to simpler times?
 like Nixon Vietnam and
 the National Guard opening fire
 on students at Kent State?
 OK no bad plan
 Manson no no not that
 either good god no
 '38 and Kristallnacht
 gaaah! There's no end!
 Rawanda Cambodia Sri Lanka
 the Armenian Genocide and 
 The Terror of the French Revolution
 this is not going well
 my poem not yielding up
 the calm surface of Haiku –
 Old Pond blooms with scum
 fine no headlines today
 no nervous sounds of clicking 
 like the tiny claws of squirrels
 scrambling across the shingles
 I'll just read about science
 this piece on no my god
 Murder Hornets 
 and they are orange too
 like stinging lights 
 behind the eyes
 of a four-year long

The Sunday Muse

18 thoughts on “TSM 134

  1. I love every word of this one. It’s perfect in its mad, uneven tempo, its surreal use of image, and its total encapsulation of the current mood–who isn’t looking back in history for comfort that these things go away, these “four-year-long concussions” right now–and who isn’t taken aback by all the evidence of every human historic crime scene waiting to be found. I particularly liked “.. no headlines today/ no nervous sounds of clicking/ like the tiny claws of squirrels/ scrambling across the shingles..” –made the hairs rise. Excellent piece, qbit–spot on and full of juice.

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  2. I found myself actually chuckling at the litany of disaster you found while sipping your morning coffee. We have lived through our share of calamities, have we not. It did not escape my notice that the “hornets were orange too”. Nice little political comment there. Kudos for this one, and a big Bravo too!

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  3. “Old Pond blooms with scum.” I love it. I so relate to this poem……seems as if the human experiment has failed. Should we not have evolved by now? The four year long concussion – yes. I feel like I am emerging from an abusive relationship. Yet I still hear his voice……gah.

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  4. A Health Nut dobbed the bottom of your cup with massive amounts of turbinado. But that won’t hurt you now and hen, perhaps a sugar high. Reading sciences is the least harmful of all the above. This is a nice write, fun for a while. Oh ues, Nutella will leave a nice chocolatey taste and all will be well.

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  5. Love every word of this. I’ve been with you in that four year concussion. Thank God for poetry, for art, for the best in people we stumble upon because hate gets the biggest headlines.

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