Subject isPrecarious
Subject isPredicated on beginnings
Without end 
Subject isContemplating **-a-cide, you
Fill in the blanks 
Subject isBeyond repair, beyond
The pale 
Subject isExcruciating
Subject isSubject to further revision
Subject isWM, 6’3″, no prior record
Subject isExhausted, the horse is still dead
Subject isTrigonometry, you pale, OK, fine
Subject isHistory, 3rd period
PeriodWithout recourse
SubjectTo indifference
SubjectTo theorems of poems
ProvingLove by first solving Poe’s
TintinnabulationOf the bells bells bells bells bells bells
Plotting like the grave 
Sub plotsSub sub-terranean
Sub sub-woofer Is a dog under the
Sub voce temperamentsFrayed as old socks
Subject toThe Queensbury rules
 Subject of the Queen
SubjectOf the Queen, essay of no more than
500 wordsSubject to
Sub-liminalUnderneath limes and lemons, covered
With citrusSubject to
WeatherHay Fever
SubmissionThe mission
To wend it allTo begin under
A cloudTo begin no matter
WhatFinally begin
BeforeAll is said
And Done 

What the hell.

Subjects for Quickly and Quickly

15 thoughts on “Subjective

  1. I enjoyed how the subjects ran with/with and without of your plan, even if you thought you didn’t have one.
    Sometimes when we overthink things our brains become mush like “old frayed socks”.

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  2. This is amazing work–I just happened to note you’d posted, and I wanted to see what might occur when it wasn’t to a picture prompt–good grief! I literally could not stop reading, or skip, or do any of those things we often do online because we have the attention spans of gnats–especially love the random yet totally perfect Poe stuck in the middle of this stream of consciousness masterpiece. Each line is complete in itself, yet leans on and leads to the next with an organic and natural yet always surprising rise and fall. Just brilliant, and made my morning.

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  3. Well, what DON’T I love about this? One thing I love about your work, qbit, is that you are never one of those who keeps writing the same poem over and again. This is a kind of poem that I adore, Katy avante garde the door, baby. And The Bells!!!!!!! Yesssss.

    Now, about that horse. His name is T-T-T-Trigger. Of course.

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