This Little Piggy

let's play footsie with death again one little piggy two little piggy
hickory-dickory TikTok rockets doomsday clocks ten seconds to midnight
ten-nine-eight-seven-six little piggy how many nukes can a nuke-chuck chuck 
little piggy little piggy blow your house down I smell roast pork little piggy

The Sunday Muse

23 thoughts on “This Little Piggy

  1. The honest and sad truth behind your words is something I think many of us are questioning and feeling right now. It seems that some souls have no remorse, or regard for fellow humans. I think pig could be one word to call those souls. I always love how you can say something that is deeply serious in such a lighter way, that it makes us see it even more deeply. Always glad when you join in at the Muse Qbit!

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  2. I read this yesterday but I must not have had coffee yet or something, cos it seems I did not comment. How many nukes can a nuke-chuck chuck? I don’t know, but they can save up to 15% on car insurance except in the greater Pripyat area.

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        1. Btw, Blogger won’t let me add you to my side bar. That is, I can add you, but it just puts “quantumverse” down at the bottom along with another blog it has decided it doesn’t like, with no most recent post. 😦

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  3. “let’s play footsie with death again”
    As you say exactly. The game of power and invasion is invested with a dark heartless core.

    Happy Sunday qbit. Thanks for for dropping by my blog today


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  4. Yes, this is very apt. This morning am watching civilians fleeing on foot, clutching their babies and dogs, being gunned down in the street. Absolutely unbelievable.

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