Haibun – Sundowner

At dawn after the Solstice, I shiver involuntarily in the heat and humidity. The sun will soon begin to dip below the horizon again on my early run. I’ve only just become used to its latest angle, know where I need to shade my eyes, how to manage the morning’s swelter. The temperature will continue to rise in the months ahead, but I will track the loss of daybreak. My daily touchstone in the world is first light. Morning has broken.

Every July 4th
Mischief in my Mother’s eyes –
“Christmas coming soon!”


d’Verse Haibun Monday #40 Summer

29 thoughts on “Haibun – Sundowner

  1. Amazing photo! The thing that really caught my attention is your use of incongruous contrasts; shiver in the heat / loss of sun with the gaining of temperatures / July 4th and Christmas. Very well done!

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    1. And honest to god, every July 4th my mother would be sitting there while all the fireworks were going off, and go “Yep. Yessiree. Christmas is right around the corner!” LOL!

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      1. You’re welcome. By the way, I laughed out loud when I read your “about” blurb. Although I believe you can get an apartment-sized wife from Ikea.


  2. How wonderful to have that connection to the sun’s first light every morning, to be so in tune with the seasons. Your haiku reminds me of my mother’s mantras around summer and winter solstices: “The days are getting shorter and shorter” or “The days are getting longer and longer.” 🙂

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  3. I am a creature of the dawn; I enjoyed your journey within it. I laughed over your Mother’s comment. We often had “Christmas in July” because about then my mother would find stocking-stuffer type presents she had hidden for the previous year!

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