You can make your own holy water
At home. 
I found the recipe online,
And there’s a good YouTube video
About it.

Basically, all you need is
Water, salt (if you want a hint of tears)
And a kitchen bowl.

There’s one really tricky bit
About Transubstantiation,
And I didn’t follow everything about
“Multiplying loaves and fishes”,
But I think it’s just a matter
Of practice.

Mix the salt and water
And speak over it
That which you find in your heart
For benediction.

Or you can skip
The water and salt and bowl.
Just look in your heart

And bless
Those around you
With your love.



d’Verse Poetics – Blessings

19 thoughts on “DIY

  1. I’m not certain why, but the thunder currently going on outside our place seemed more emphatic while I was reading your poem. It was well done, and since I’ve never had more experience with holy water than getting my head thumped for splashing some on another non-Catholic boy scout on our way in to Mass at St. Helena’s before camping, I can’t really say if it was blasphemous or just plain humorous. (I always thought the transub– thing had to do with wafers and grape juice….)

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    1. Ah, glad you liked it. Yes, No disrespect was meant, was trying to be humorous until the end. Interestingly there really are videos and recipes online. I thought I was making that up at first! You of course are correct about the grape juice and wafers. I was thinking I could slide that by as a general purpose “miracle”.

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      1. Lol! I never realized that was a category of miracle! It made a very meaningful turn at the end; I meant to say that. And yes, I don’t doubt the availability of DIY videos.


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