Quadrille – Mummer

Lest we forget
Plough Monday
is first
after Epiphany
and I’ll let that mean
whatever you want,
but now you come to me
a Mummer
Pace-egger, Souler,
Tipteerer, Wrenboy,
mumbling, murmuring, muttering
your lines, you play,
mouthing seeds
of revelation.



*Mummer’s plays were amateur skits in England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland etc. , and were sometimes staged on Plough Monday (also Christmas & Easter), often on the streets or in pubs.

For dVerse Quadrille #50

18 thoughts on “Quadrille – Mummer

  1. …for hope, for revelation… and a bumper crop wouldn’t be bad, either! What great synapsis triggered mummer from murmer? A few terms in this that I’ve not heard since grandfolks were around. This was worth multiple reads.

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