28 thoughts on “Borrowed

  1. This is simply STUNNING, from start to finish. Can you squinch the word “fire” in there, to make it fit this week’s Quadrille?

    “penance the ordinary” leaves me breathless. And I LOVE the double meaning “book” can have, when dealing in matches. Goodness.

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    1. Triple crud!!! I had “fire” in there at some point and it didn’t make one of the rounds of edits. Is “Conflagration” “some semblance of the word fire”? OK, OK, I know the rules. just thought I’d ask.


      1. Perfection. Loves me a compound noun. And I know exactly what you mean. That happens to me all the time – edits to get it down to 44 words, only to discover THE word is no longer in there. 😉

        Still chewing on “penance” as verb, and loving it…

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            1. Wake up you
              chuckle head!
              Yeah you! Talking to you!
              This is your fire-breathing,
              rip-tearing, snort-snorting
              coffee speaking!
              It’s Caffeine Thursday
              and there are no nuts
              in Chock Full O’ Nuts,
              but if you laugh
              it out your nose
              you will miss
              your bus.

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  2. Humbling, to say the least. I love what you did here and I don’t know if you “practice” Lent, but the stages of sacrifice and torment met with the different days is actually describe the inner penitence of the season quite well.

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