Quadrille 71

The wind homeless, shaky,
panhandling for drink,
then January blows into the street
like Dillinger from a bank –
it’s murder, fire exchanged in cold blood,
everyone diving for cover.
The not-so-great depression –
sunshine bitter, on the dole,
brother can you spare a dime?

For dVerse Quadrille

42 thoughts on “Quadrille 71

  1. You had me at /January blows into the street like Dillinger from a bank/. Great creativity! I feel quite similar relative to the arrogance of winter, the bullying.

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  2. Pay is Lower
    Down Here
    But A
    is Worth
    A WiNTeR
    TaN iN FLoriDA Hehe..
    WHere Women Wear Shorts
    Year ‘Round And Poetry FLiES even
    HigHeR hAha.. But the Older Ladies
    at Church Get On to me for Wearing Shorts
    aS one way
    to stay
    Never WeaRinG
    Pants to Cover Legs..
    but only in Florida of CouRSE..;)

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