Nose Job

Don’t answer the
it’s that
the one you shooed from your
dream last

But now it’s
day and here you
are, thickly skinned, sloe-
eyed, wrinkled grey beauty, your
nose a triumphant
horn that makes a

of existence and a fighting
chance, though a heavy
lift, and sometimes
doesn’t sound that

For Jilly’s enjambment jam

12 thoughts on “Nose Job

  1. Great use of enjambment! And the end words are so strong – fighting, heavy, extinction – it’s tough to juggle the enjambed line with the right end words. This poem has a groggy, left-over dream quality that leaves me off balance – perfect!
    (Now, let’s talk about that sonnet… lol!)

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  2. Your imagination never lets us – not even in dreams where between it and the waking state, there is only the existential question. In short, I loved the imagination and fun you evoked here to which you added a provocative ending

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