31 thoughts on “Quadrille 75

  1. So interesting, qbit. Makes me think of the first settlers, who put their hopes and dreams into backbreaking work, often defeated by the land – or maybe, anyone who pours their heart and soul into something only to be thwarted by the metaphorical rains.

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    1. Rob, thanks! BTW, when I read your work on your site, for some reason there isn’t any connection to WordPress and I can only leave comments via some sort of email form. Everyone else seems to be able to post comments the regular way but me! Any idea how I can fix that? I”m logged in the WP just fine, and can navigate to your site from your comment just now. so I know WP knows who you are…


    1. Interesting. I wasn’t so much thinking of fences as tents. Tried to get that with “intent”. But I guess with a spool of wire fences comes to mind.


        1. I can see that. Spikes and mauls don’t sound like going camping. I thought maybe raising a barn too, but now maybe a circus tent, lol!


  2. Staking guy wires – brings up images of camping – only it is need and want that we are pulling tight and pounding into place in tension with each other. This is great!

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